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GMBS announces the schedule for the 2018 Glenn Miller Festival

June 7 – 10, 2018 in Clarinda, Iowa.

The Festival will feature the following performers and much more.  Make your reservations early and purchase your tickets for this music-filled weekend.
  • World-Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra                               
  • World-Renowned Canadian Brass
  • Bill Baker’s Big Band – the Netherlands
  • Tamana Girls High School Band – Japan
  • Nebraska Brass Band
  • Adam Swanson – 4 time World Champion Ragtime Piano
  • Key of Steam
  • The GMBS Big Band
  • GMBS Music Scholarship Competition
  • Festival Stage Show featuring Scholarship winners
  • Festival Big Band Breakfast
  • Festival pre- dance dinner
  • Festival dance featuring the Glenn Miller Orchestra
  • Festival kick-off picnic
  • Festival opening concert on our town Square
  • GMBS Panel Discussion
  • Glenn Miller Archives, Dennis Spragg’s presentation on Glenn’s Army Air Force Band
  • Closing Festival dance outdoors at the Glenn Miller Museum, featuring Bill Baker’s Big Band

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Call the Museum 712-542-2461, or email